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  • Provincie: Zuid-Holland
  • Land: Netherlands
  • geplaatst: 25 februari 2017 16:59
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14.3hh, 7yo, Welsh D X TB for sale. This is a completely honest advert as I want Jack to go to a home that will bring out the best in him and that will suit his needs.
Jack has relatively low mileage for his age however he has done a bit of everything- dressage, show jumping, Hunter trials, fun rides etc, there is not a lot he hasn’t had a go at!He will walk, trot and canter nicely and is anyone’s ride in the school however a little green and would benefit from more schooling. He jumps for fun and has the heart of a lion, loose schooled up to 1m30 and jumped 1m20 under saddle. Snaffle mouthed at all times. He has a fantastic attitude to work and is very trainable, this horse will try his hardest for you. He is super fun horse that will look after you but can step up a gear when needed too.
Will hack out with another horse leading no problem, good with traffic and idiot drivers and sensible out cantering in a group, more than happy to stay behind without getting strong or silly.
He is very nappy and herd bound so will not hack alone. I have worked on this over the summer and got him to the point where he would hack by himself with minimal napping so this is an issue that could be resolved with the right amount of work and patience.
He is a quite a shy boy and he does take time to build up trust with someone and can be nervous on the ground, however he is far from dangerous or silly he just needs someone who can be patient and firm with him. He is easy to catch and comes to call even in a 20 acre field where he is currently kept. He has excellent manners and is a very polite gentleman on the ground especially around food.
Jack can be difficult to load, however loads first time with a lunge line 9 out of 10 times and does always load. Good to travel once loaded, with or without anorhwe horse and will stand and wait on the trailer when out. As with the hacking issue this is something that could be solved with the right amount of work and patience.
He is easy to do, can live out 24/7 and happy to be turned out with both mares and geldings- does prefer to be turned out in a herd if possible. Has lived in however does wind suck when stabled; to my knowledge he doesn’t do this when out 24/7 and he started this habit after having to be in full time last winter due to lack of turnout.

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